What Is a Luxury Penthouse? Wallich Residence Luxury Penthouse

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What Does It Take To Be A Luxury Penthouse?

There are many things that make a luxury penthouse a luxury home. In fact, the more luxurious and special you make your Penthouse, the higher its price will be. When you talk about luxury penthouses, Wallich residence penthouse will be one of the top of them.

However, when buying a luxury penthouse, there are some key elements that can help you get just that. At a minimum, all luxury properties should have these:

Premier Location

No matter what the property is, a prime location is of paramount importance when looking to purchase one of the many luxury penthouse options that are available to buyers today. If you live in the city, there are a few good candidates for a high-end penthouse. If you are looking at a suburban location with a nice view, or even if you are looking at a condo building with multiple units, you may want to keep an eye out for a prime piece of property with a great view. When shopping around, make sure that you look at each of the buildings, their views, and the amenities and features that each has to offer you before making a final decision on your purchase of a high-end penthouse.

Private Elevator

No matter what floor level your penthouse is on if it has a private elevator that goes up to each floor, that’s a plus. Imagine being able to come up to a floor level and have a chauffeur take you to whatever it is you want to do while you’re in the penthouse. Whether it’s for relaxing, entertaining, dining, or for visiting other penthouses, having a private elevator is essential for that comfortable and memorable experience you will have when living in a luxury penthouse. Luxury homes don’t come without a private elevator, so be sure to shop around and see what types of lifts are available for each level of your potential high-end home. There are many different styles and brands of lifts, so it’s important to be able to match your needs with your luxury penthouse.


Living in a luxury apartment or condominium can often mean enjoying a spectacular view of the city, but living in a small space can mean missing out on the beautiful elements of a patio. With a terrace, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the park, the trees, or the amazing buildings as they rise up above your head. A terrace is also a great place for intimate dinners, parties, and social gatherings. It gives you all the benefits of large living space, but with all the conveniences of a high-end apartment.

Being On Top Floor

Living in a luxury apartment or condo is all about convenience. If you love having parties, getting together with friends, or simply want to enjoy the beautiful elements of a large open living space without having to go downstairs, then a top floor penthouse may be perfect for you. Many of the most beautiful new high-end apartments come equipped with a massive, fully-equipped kitchen, and often, a full-time chef is on hand to whip up gourmet meals and delicious desserts! A top floor penthouse is the ultimate in modern luxury.


Many people are unfamiliar with the term courtyard. However, a courtyard is defined as a paved area surrounding an apartment building designed to let residents enjoy a unique natural setting. courtyard apartments feature oversized windows that allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature as you walk to your luxurious apartment from your private terrace. Many courtyard apartments feature lush gardens, entertaining areas, and many have their own small town tucked away in the back. A courtyard can make any simple, small apartment building into an elegant, private haven.

Large Dining Room

Although you may not live in a penthouse, every apartment resident needs a dining room. Living in a tiny apartment may mean missing out on dining spaces and social gatherings. If you do not have a dining room, a simple table placed in the corner of your living space would be ideal. For the ultimate in luxury, a gourmet restaurant located in the courtyard will offer you and your guests something to enjoy while you’re in the mood to eat!

Luxury penthouse living can be both affordable and luxurious, thanks to a variety of different layouts. Each penthouse offers its own set of perks, including access to the best restaurants in the city, a swimming pool, a large sitting area, a private terrace, delicious cuisine, and more. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for in a home, a luxury penthouse is a perfect option. Contact a real estate agent today to learn more about the many different layouts available to you.